The college owns 18.7 acres of land and 8000 square metre built up area. The institution has enough ICT enabled class rooms, fully furnished Edusat studio, network resource centre, computer labs, language lab, conference hall, tutorial spaces, staff rooms, and examination rooms for academic purposes. The institution has a fully furnished office.

The college has enough rooms and facilities for the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Playgrounds, auditorium, gymnasium, and canteen are available in the college. For differently abled students, the college provides all facilities including ramp. The institution has a boys’ hostel and a hostel for the male staff. Adequate amenity centre facilities for both boys and girls are provided.

The construction works of the multipurpose library block, ladies hostel, compound wall, staff quarters, and science block, ASAP Skill Park and internal roads have been started.

The library has over 30000 books, more than fifty journals and thousands of e-journals. The library provides separate sections for reference books, academic books and literatures. It also provides reprographic facilities, downloading and printing.

The IT infrastructure facility has shown exemplary improvement in recent years. Almost all the classrooms are furnished with smart room facility. Wi-Fi internet connectivity is available in the campus. Computer labs, network resource centre, Edusat studio, language lab, departments etc. are provided with sufficient ICT facilities.

The college takes every effort to ensure the optimal use, upgrading and maintenance of the IT facilities implemented. The IT facilities help the faculty members to adopt innovative teaching methods while the students can enhance their self-learning through the use of ICT.

The college has its own transformer and a 25 KVA generator to ensure constant power supply. The institution has sufficient number of UPS to prevent voltage fluctuations in laboratories. The college has two open wells and two bore wells for water facility. Water recharging system and water harvesting system have been successfully implemented in the campus.