Extension Activities

As a centre of higher education, the college is committed to the society, ever devoted in lending a helping hand to the needs of the community. The college reaches out to the community through its student community who are actively involved in the activities of NSS, NCC, Nature club, Farm club etc. The dynamic team of faculty of the college leads the various activities, which includes visiting old age homes, orphanages, helping the poor, supporting the palliative care units, conducting programmes against drug abuse, AIDS, blood donation, organ donation etc. Students are actively involved in these activities which eventually facilitate in moulding them as socially responsible citizens.

In addition to the activities of NCC and NSS, the major extension programmes of the college include

  • Blood donation and Organ Donation Camps
  • Food for the Destitute
  • Rural Library Development
  • Construction of Roads
  • Cleaning of Public Facilities
  • Awareness Programmes against Drug Abuse
  • Social Forestry
  • Medical Camps
  • Observance of National Days
  • Farming and Cultivation
  • Trekking Camps

Active involvement in the extension activities of the college facilitates the student in acquiring and developing various mental physical, social skills and abilities such as

  • Social responsibility
  • Confidence to face challenges
  • Leaderships skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Acquiring of moral virtues
  • Sense of unity
  • Sense of national integration
  • Patriotic feeling
  • Development of creativity
  • Abilities of critical thinking and creative thinking
  • Self confidence